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Island Day Spa’s Body Therapy Services

We offer a variety of body wrap and body capsule treatments. Whether you are looking for exfoliation, detoxification or weight loss, we have a treatment that will leave you feeling fresh and beautiful!

Body Therapy Pricing

Salt Glow
Salt Glow is an invigorating treatment that helps to exfoliate the skin and promote circulation with a wonderful blend of Dead Sea salts and essential oils.
Smoothing Body Polish
Our thermal mask actively smoothes and retextures the skin in 30 minutes.
Aveda “Gift of the Sea” Body Wrap
Our special seaweed wrap eliminates dead skin cells and releases impurities to provide a cleansing experience like no other.
Aveda Aroma Body Wrap
A dry exfoliation wrap with a deeply relaxing aromatic heat treatment.

Alpha Spa Capsule Treatments

Relaxation & Stress Reduction
This basic Alpha 33 Capsule 30-minute session promotes relaxation and stress release.
Alpha 33 Capsule Detoxification
[30 Minute Single Session $75.00] or [5 Sessions for $359.00] Our detoxification wrap is deeply soothing and rejuvenating for the entire body in the Alpha 33 Capsule.
Alpha 33 Capsule Weight Loss
[ 45 Minute Single Session $125.00] or [5 Sessions for $525.00] The wrap promotes rapid weight loss inside of the Alpha 33 Capsule.
Alpha 33 Capsule Body Wrap
[ 45 Minute Single Session $135.00] or [5 Sessions for $500.00] This wrap promotes exfoliation and detoxification while relaxing in the Alpha 33 Capsule.

Relaxation. No longer beyond your budget

Come experience the secrets of relaxation.

Island Day Spa Spring Packages


“Lucky You Package” $139



* One hour Swedish Massage with Aromatherapy

* 30 Minute Express Aveda Facial with Eye Collagen treatment






“Spring B.F.F. Package”

Two 1 hour massages for $125

*Each Gift Certificate MUST be for different guest than purchaser*